Www ksenia dating com

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Then when you are in ukraine, you know nobody, you do not know the language, you do not know the city, the only people you know are her and her translator and they will try to use you for as much as they possibly can.

The last i heard is that she is scamming at least 3 other men from turkey, belgium and greece.

She has used different names on some sites, eg ksenia nikolaevna and ksenia zhuzha, her real name is kseniya melnik. When I came to visit her, she tried every possible scam with her best friend yulya demidova.

She never gave any signal of being someone to mistrust before the trip.

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she said she loved me, wanted us to get married and spend the rest of our lives together. The last contact, I had with her was when she asked for 5 for college.

After she stopped writing, I asked some of her friends, what happened to her.

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