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If you don’t have access to a natural health store or don’t care to mix your own, I do offer my organic sprouting mix for sale — it contains a variety of at least 16 ingredients, all human-grade and organic.

Your budgie will select the ingredients it wants or needs at the time.

Heck, I don’t feed my family a daily diet of processed meal bars or bowls of boxed cereal just because they’re packed full of synthetic vitamins!

I feed my family whole, natural, enzyme-rich, unprocessed foods. Feeding pellets exclusively can lead to health problems, especially with the kidneys and liver.

Budgie parakeets fed seed-only diets have a much shorter life span — in fact, Mass-produced dry seed parakeet food should constitute no more than about 20 percent of your budgie’s diet.

If offered dry seeds as a free-choice diet component, budgies and other parrots will usually eat it to the exclusion of everything else offered.

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Research at the University of Minnesota found that sprouting increases the total nutrient density of food.

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