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UNH also offers sustainability internships that help interested students find work experience at sustainability-focused organizations in New Hampshire and beyond.

The Jeanne Clery Act requires colleges and universities to disclose their security policies, keep a public crime log, publish an annual crime report and provide timely warnings to students and campus employees about a crime posing an immediate or ongoing threat to students and campus employees.

Please visit The Princeton Review’s page on campus safety for additional resources: The Princeton Review publishes links directly to each school's Campus Security Reports where available. Once on Spaulding Turnpike, follow directions above.

Applicants can also access all school-specific campus safety information using the Campus Safety and Security Data Analysis Cutting Tool provided by the Office of Postsecondary Education of the U. Department of Education: Durham eateries Downtown Portsmouth Atlantic Ocean White Mountains Boston Durham is a quintessential college town on New Hampshire's seacoast, just minutes from the coast and an hour from Boston or Portland, Maine, via the Amtrak station on campus. In Durham are the Holiday Inn Express, The Pines Guest House and Three Chimney's Inn.

Talk about renewable: UNH is powering its campus with enriched and purified natural gas, courtesy of the local landfill, meaning that every bit of trash that ends up there ends up powering the school while lowering energy costs and decreasing environmental impact.

UNH sells Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) from this project and reinvests part of the proceeds back into energy efficiency initiatives on campus.

The benefits of going to a large, well-established state school, such as the University of New Hampshire, are exactly what one expects—its low in-state tuition, firmly established reputation, and place in the system allow it to offer "many resources to help students out in life." Located in tiny, beautiful Durham, the school "emphasizes research in every field, including non-science fields," and a lot of importance is placed "on the outdoors and the environment." The small town really fosters "lots of school spirit," and the laid-back denizens of UNH make it known that "having a good time" is a priority in their lives: "Weekends are for the Warriors." Most professors "truly care" about the students' learning so that "you never feel like a number at the school but rather a respected student," and professors "will get down and dirty when it comes to experiencing what they're teaching firsthand." Though there are definitely complaints that some can be "sub-par," a student "just needs to posses the initiative to go to their office hours" and they will get all the help they need.

Some of the general education classes "are huge," and TAs can be difficult to understand, but for the most part, students report that they've had a "good experience" and that their academic career has been "very successful." The Honors program is particularly challenging (in a very positive way) and offers "great seminar/inquiry classes that have about fifteen students." Students universally pan the administration, claiming it "is a massive bureaucracy that gets little done," partially due to poor communication, or one student puts it that "the left hand has no idea what the right hand is doing." "The school is way more challenging than I thought it would be because the administration makes things harder than they need to be," says a sophomore.

UNH also extends its commitment to sustainability to local farms by being the first land grant university to have an organic dairy farm and education/research center.Students do a lot of socializing over meals at the "eight cafés or in any of the three dining halls." University of New Hampshire boasts the oldest endowed sustainability program among colleges and universities nationwide, and it is this Sustainability Institute that has worked to develop “UNH’s unique sustainable learning community model” as well as promote sustainability locally, statewide, and regionally.UNH has a comprehensive Climate Education Initiative and is a member of the ACUPCC, both of which have propelled the campus to become the first institution of higher education in the United States to meet a significant portion of its energy needs with landfill gas.Ninety-one percent of all first-year students and approximately half of UNH's 12,800 undergraduates live on the beautiful Durham campus where classic and modern buildings cluster around college greens that gradually give way to acres of woods, fields and farms.University housing includes residence halls and on-campus apartments.

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UNH is situated close to the Atlantic coast and important marine research facilities, and an hour from the White Mountains or Boston.

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