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Sharkscope not updating

For example, this site uses the function to make sure sparklines displayed in the various tabbed pages are drawn when the tab is selected.Finally I updated the site and docs somewhat as the old layout was looking a little cramped.

It also addresses some issues with sparklines not being rendered in some situations with j Query 1.3 and higher. This version also adds a new function called $.sparkline_display_visible() - Call this anytime sparklines that were drawn into a non-displayed element may have just become visible so that they will be correctly rendered.Set to true to disable checking for hidden sparklines.This can be beneficial if you know you'll never attempt to draw a sparkline into a hidden parent element as it avoids a browser reflow for the test, increasing rendering performance.If necessary, options can be passed as attributes on each tag.This requires setting the enable Tag Options option when calling the sparklines() function and reduces performance somewhat (more critical on IE6) Each option must be prefixed with "spark", though this can be changed by passing a tag Option Prefix option to the sparkline() function You can also override the default options for all subsequent sparklines by assigning values to $sparkline.defaults Eg.

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This is the technique this site uses to handle the sparklines that are hidden in the different tabbed sections; the site calls the routine in the tab-changed callback.