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Persona 4 dating

Here, I hoped that Persona 4 might go some distance toward redeeming itself.

There's great potential in exploring the feelings of a young person who is struggling with his sense of gender identity. After you defeat Naoto's shadow self, Naoto explains that he read many hard-boiled crime novels as a child, and admired the cool, detached detectives in them.

As the story progresses, we're periodically reminded that, had he been gay, Kanji would not have been fully accepted by the other members of the investigation team, and, in fact, some anxiety lingers later on about whether or not Kanji is truly straight.It is not, Naoto says, that he is transgender that has led him to live as a boy for so long.It is simply that being female "doesn't fit my ideal image of a detective." Much like what you discover to be the reality of Kanji's internal conflict, this internal conflict rang false.When you finally descend to the deepest chambers of the bunker, you find Naoto declaring that he is about to embark on a "bodily alteration process." This process, he says, will result in "the moment of a new birth" and enable him to "walk a completely different path in life." Shadow Naoto then taunts Naoto, saying that Naoto is "such a cool, manly name" but that "a name doesn't change the truth.It doesn't let you cross the barrier between the sexes." Shadow Naoto then reveals to the investigation team that Naoto is physically female.

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When Kanji confronts his shadow self and accepts who he is, he reveals not that he is attracted to men, but that he is just deeply afraid of (or maybe deeply dislikes) women.

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