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Girls free chating in telugu live

So i wanted it to be a surprise to my best friend angel. So that was friday , and the day after was the big day.My wife was very nervous and im not going to lie I was super nervous as well.If she was ok to have a threesome with my best friend.She first said no , but as time went on and we talked about it more , she finally agreed. I bought her a lacy hot pink outfit which she filled up ever so sexy! Little did he know whatever i was buying for my wife was eventually going to be for his pleasure.

I immediately got hard and started recording..first my wife was on top of him kissing and grinding back and forth.

So my wife did her hair all sexy and curly and threw on the hotpink outfit. So he came over and we were hanging in the gameroom.

I offered him a couple of drinks and we were just chating and drinking.

As soon as my best friend angel recieved that he flipped and was drooling via text lol.

& my wife seeing this enjoyed it and liked it and starting opening up more to sending more pictures and even more sexier ones.

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At first he held back a bit but then i told him go get it and he went ahead and laid in my bed.

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